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The Case Of The Base: Seiko Mod Submariner Mod

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You should plan out your SKX submariner modification by thinking about the parts you'll need, to ensure that nothing is overlooked when you begin to work on the construction. Seiko submariner custom built automatic watch

All parts are top quality and brand new, authentic Seiko motors that are automatic - powerhorse with 24 jewels 40+ hours of power reverse, hacking, and hand winding functions. Stainless Steel case with sterile screw-down crown as well as a caseback. 20mm stainless steel oyster bracelet with clasp, glidelock function with sapphire Crystal with black ceramic inlay black "marine master" dial, mercedes hands and green lume. Click this link to find out new information about seiko submariner mod shop now.

These are the parts that you will need to make seiko submariner mod

Set of cases

The seiko submariner mod is, as we already discussed, utilizes an individual case that must be bought from an aftermarket supplier. Even though our Seiko cases are able to take SKX components, we do not have an OEM case that allows users to build an SKX submariner. We offer complete cases that include the crystal, bezel insert for the bezel, and the case back , if you wish to do all your shopping in one place.


Our case set will take any standard Seiko 28.5mm dial, regardless of whether it's OEM or aftermarket. You can use any dial that works with a 7S or 4R movement as well as select a date only version. There are a variety of options as well as search the market for used models to find an Seiko dial. Your watch's centerpiece is the dial, so ensure you choose wisely.

Hand set

You will need to choose the appropriate handset for your build. The classic mercedes hand is available on our site, and you can also look at other options, such as Tudor style snowflake hand or other choices also. You'll love the classic 62MAS hands that are available on the SKX Sub build. This is especially true if you opt for a vintage Seiko dial that has markers that are printed.

You don't have to do it yourself. We've got your back.

Seiko Seiko submariner mods could be one of the most sought-after Seiko mods in the present and it's easy to understand why. However, if you're not ready to dive into the world of modding your watch just yet, you might want to check out our pre-built SKX submariners.

For the DIY-averse watch lover who would like to have their personal seiko submariner however does not want to construct the hand watch themselves These watches are the perfect starting point to start with. They come with top aftermarket parts and the reliable NH movement, which we all love.

We think our ready-to-wear SKX submariner mods are among the top available on the market and provide a great value for your price. Plus, if you ever decide that you'd like to switch up the look of your watch the Ready to Wear watches are 100% compatible with all the parts of the SKX007 that we offer. Easy peasy.

If you're looking to begin your own watch build go through our entire collection of the Seiko mod parts that we offer and don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you might have. Modfam, happy modding!

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